Full Depth Reclamation

What is Full-Depth Reclamation with Cement? Full-depth reclamation (FDR) recycles the materials from deteriorated asphalt pavement, and, with the addition of cement, creates a new stabilized base. A surface consisting of a thin bituminous chip seal, hot-mix asphalt, or concrete may be added to the rebuilt road. The recycled base will be stronger, more uniform, and more moisture resistant than the original base, resulting in a long, low maintenance life. And most important, recycling costs are normally 25% to 50% LESS than removal and replacement of the old pavement.

With the rise in oil prices, the cost of removing and repaving with hot-mix asphalt is becoming very expensive, since hot-mix asphalt is made from a petroleum based product. That is where FDR becomes more cost effective in repairing our highways and parking lots. Many local counties have begun to use FDR in repairing their roads because they are able to repair twice as many roads with this process than the regular asphalt resurfacing. Fairfield and Chester Counties have both begun to use FDR as a result of the reliability and cost effectiveness of the process. We offer our clients this service in lieu of hot-mix asphalt to better suit their budget but still provide a dependable and reliable product.


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