Paving & Trucking

We use the most sophisticated paving equipment to produce a high quality pavement that could be paired with FDR or stand on its own. We have paved highways, local roads, parking lots, taxiways, aprons, running tracks, tennis courts and driveways. If it possible to pave, we can do it. The Quality Control Department also monitors our paving by taking core samples to make sure the depth is proper and by using nuclear technology to insure that the compaction is correct. Asphalt paving is usually one of the last processes to complete a project. Since we provide all of your construction needs, you can be reassured that common problems that plague asphalt will be dealt with properly. For example: During the grading process, you have to make sure that you have drainage around the asphalt. If you don’t, water will run underneath the pavement and will cause the asphalt to deteriorate prematurely. Another example is bad soil underneath asphalt. Bad soil will not compact and therefore will move when under a load and will cause the asphalt to crack and deteriorate. With us, we know that without a solid base and drainage, the asphalt that our clients pay for will not last as long as it should. We will make sure there is proper drainage and that there is a solid subgrade to build upon.

We also provide a fleet of trucks and a flatbed lowboy to satisfy any hauling needs that our clients have. We can haul thousands of tons of material or just a single truck load to a residence or business.

Materials Include:

  • Stone
  • Fill Dirt
  • Sand
  • Mulch
  • Asphalt
  • Debris
  • Water
  • Heavy Equipment


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