Without a proper base and correct grading, anything that is built on top of it will not last. In order for us to make sure that all of our work is quality work and will last for years to come, we perform all of our own surveying, staking and quality control in house so that it is easy to communicate and control. We use laser guided equipment to grade as precise as possible to match the design and our quality control department uses nuclear technology to insure that we have met the proper compaction to make the site as stable as possible. While all of this is going on, we always make sure to perform erosion control by installing silt fence, building detention ponds and hydro seeding disturbed areas in order to prevent adverse effects from the construction process.

In order to offer our clients all of their construction needs, we also install water and sewer lines and curb and gutter during our grading process. This allows our clients to deal with one company and prevents any conflicts between different contractors on the same job. During the grading process, we will also perform “value engineering,” where our experienced managers and operators will try to figure out ways to give our clients the same quality job by using a different method to lower the cost of the project. Value engineering is thinking outside the box to figure out more cost effective ways to obtain the same product. We are committed to providing our clients with quality work and the information so that the work will last as long as possible.